Our Creeks

West Vancouver is home to 22 creeks and tributaries, 10 of which are salmon bearing listed here.

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The characteristics, uses and project history of these creeks are described in the watershed summaries below.

Our volunteers collect and monitor the water temperature of eight creeks – Brothers, Cypress, Eagle, Hadden, Larson, Lawson, McDonald and Rodgers – using automated instream loggers. Water temperature is a key limiting variable to salmonid distribution and survival, and an indicator for processes occurring in the creek. At the links below you will find a collection of yearly temperature graphs representing daily average temperatures.

We also perform water quality testing twice a year on the same eight creeks – testing for dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity.

2017 Comparison of Temperatures Across Four Streams
2011-2017 Lower Brothers Creek Temperature Comparison Brothers Creek
Cypress Creek
Eagle Creek
Hadden Creek
Larson Creek
Lawson Creek
McDonald Creek
Nelson Creek
Rodgers Creek
Wood Creek