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Response to Covid-19

To our Members, Volunteers and Friends of West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society.

With the rapidly changing landscape around Covid-19, we want to reach out to express our determination and solidarity in the face of the challenges presented by this global health crisis. We are all deeply concerned and want to ensure that we are reducing health risks and doing our part to limit the spread of Covid-19 in our communities.

As such, we have decided that a popular upcoming event, Adopt-a-Fish, scheduled for April 18 will be cancelled.  The Streamkeepers Seaside Social to be held at Hollyburn Sailing Club scheduled for  April 23 will be postponed, and re-scheduled TBA, to a time when the global health situation has stabilized, and our Health Authorities advise it will be safe to meet.

Additionally, it is highly probable that the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 7 may also need to be postponed.

On behalf of the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Board,

Mike Perley Co-Chair

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