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Newsletter #45 April-June 2020

Planning for the 2020 Annual General Meeting

As we approach almost 4 months of Covid-19 social distancing and adherence to necessary rules to limit and flatten the infection curve of the virus, it appears that we are succeeding and slowly beginning to re-open to our normalised previous routines. As such, the Annual General Meeting, which the by-laws state must be held with the membership annually, is now back in its planning stages.

While we are not on any immediate timeline to complete the meeting, we are considering the use of digital technology, and perhaps including a limited number of members.

Several agenda items need to be presented to the membership and the Approval by the Membership is a requirement.

Agenda topics include:

President’s Report on behalf of the Directors, Approval of Past Year’s Financial Report. Approval of the 2019 AGM Minutes, Work Plan Update, Election of the Board of Directors for the year going forward.

We are working on the best way to conduct our AGM as safely as possible while adhering to all the Covid-19 rules and requirements and we shall let all members know how this will take place before December 31 this year.

We would like to confirm that all of the existing Board of Directors have agreed to serve for the next year, and of course we trust the membership would agree.

These dedicated nine Directors are:

John Barker, Don Harrison, Liz Leduc, Jan Moger, Keith Moger, Bill McAllister, Annie Faw, Keith Pelletier and Mike Perley.

Stay tuned for further updates as available.

Let’s all stay strong/healthy and keep our memberships current.


Mike Perley and Keith Pelletier

Co-Chairs, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society


Hugh Hamilton

We gratefully acknowledge donations from Members made in Hugh’s honour and his many contributions to Streamkeepers and our community. These funds to date total $2,545.00 and are to be directed to the Nelson Creek fish ladder project which we expect to see constructed later this summer. More information on this project can be found further on in this newsletter.

Youth Recognition Awards

Congratulations to Chaereen Kim and Arthus Cheng! These two West Vancouver High School students received the awards from the District of West Vancouver in recognition of their leadership of spawner salmon surveys which are conducted with secondary school students each year. We applaud their dedication and commitment.

West Vancouver Streamkeeper Website

A new website is in under construction. This process is being led by Co-Chair Keith Pelletier and the website is being designed by Gabby Mustapich, a Streamkeeper member who has served as photographer for several years. After its completion, Keith Moger will be the website’s editor.

Streamkeeper Activity Updates

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, stream observations, hatchery operations and project work is still proceeding as described in the following updates.

Joseph McDaniel has been out looking for emerging fry and sent this report:

From late April through early May, schools of coho fry, numbering at least a dozen each, were spotted on several occasions at the Viewing Platform on Brothers Creek, at the estuary of Lawson Creek, and at the estuary & diversion outlet of McDonald Creek. Smaller numbers of these fry continued to be spotted through early June. Schools of fry, also of at least a dozen each, were spotted at the estuaries of Pipe Creek and Eagle Creek in mid-May and in Willow Creek in early June. All these sightings happened before the DFO fry releases (scheduled for late June), so it is probable that these were wild fry from spawners in the fall. This is good news considering the low number of recorded spawner sightings in the fall - the streams and the salmon continue to amaze us!

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Newsletter #45 - April - June 2020
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