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Newsletter #46 July-September 2020

As we approach 8 months, and counting, of adjustment to our new World with Covid-19 and working so hard to keep all safe, I thought it might be timely to thank all of you, our membership, (some 260 and growing) for your efforts in wanting to still help our stream stewardship in any way you can.

Our volunteer activities have been reduced since February, but your interest in helping has not. I and our fellow directors have received many offers to assist wherever needed. It is so very inspiring to have such a willing pool of membership talent!

This year did see the cancelation of many of our events: Adopt-a-Fish, Seaside Social, Coho Festival, and membership meetings. We certainly hope to return to our regular programs as soon as we can. We will be organising our Annual General Meeting, postponed since May but targeted for late October, via ZOOM Meetings Technology. As a registered Society, we are mandated to conduct Annual General Meetings, and we believe the safest way to do so is electronically. We hope to have up to 50 member attendees. Details will be coming soon and members will be able to let us know ahead of the meeting time that they would like to link in. We have been practicing with ZOOM and have found that it works very well.

Sadly, we have experienced yet another significant fish kill on September 21st, occurring on MacDonald Creek, below Bellevue Ave. Apparently a local property owner had employed a power washing company. The power washing company used a high concentration of bleach without proper catchment of the toxic water. The building’s parking lot drained directly into MacDonald Creek resulting in upwards of 150 fish killed including cutthroat, sculpins and coho as well as invertebrates and other creek fauna. The incident has been reported to the District and the Environmental Ministry. We shall watch and monitor how this case proceeds and whether those responsible can be held accountable.

On a more positive side…..

The salmon shall be returning to our creeks very soon, filling our souls with joy and wonder. Their world is full of hardship where only the fittest, fastest, strongest and certainly the luckiest will make it back to spawn for us to witness. A great place to do this is at the Brothers Creek Viewing Platform off Keith Road –see report below for more details from new Coordinator, Sarah Town. Some of the salmon working their way up Brothers Creek will pass under the highway at Taylor Way using a very intimidating concrete culvert. Then, they can continue to Stevens Drive where Capilano Golf course is located, by making use of numerous salmon ladders built through Streamkeeper efforts. Indeed, seeing these wonderful creatures working so very hard overcoming obstacles and setbacks is something I personally find amazing and inspiring. Please check out the viewpoint..starting in late October.

Thank you to all,

Mike Perley, Co-Chair.

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